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Unit 1: Introduction to Electronic


Saurabh Khatri


Department of Computer Technology



Unit 2

Unit 5

Unit your five

Unit you

Unit 3

Books to relate

 " Communication Electronics- Principles and Applications”,

by Frenzel, Struktur McGraw Hillside Publication, ISBN 0-07048398-1, Release 3rd.  ”Computer Networks”, by Claire S. Tenenbaum, Prentice Area of India, ISBN 81-203-2175-8, 4th Model.


 Total evaluation = 100

 12-15 – CT (7. 5) Unit 1+ HA (6*5 = 40 ------ six. 5) Product 1-5  20 – Mid Search engine marketing (Online test) Unit a couple of, 3

 65 – End Search engine optimization (100 signifies to be converted to 65)

 Regular Revision-cum-Tests to assess your understanding.

Unit you

 A. The importance of Communication, Components of

communication system,

Types of electronics interaction, Electromagnetic


Bandwidth, Signal Types,

Noise: internal, Exterior, Noise calculation,

Shannon-Hartley theorem.

Introduction to Fourier series, Fourier Transform.

M. Survey of communication applications. Numerical structured

on Fourier transform houses.

What is Info?

 Organization that provides some that means agreed upon by simply some guidelines

between tv-sender and device.

 Former mate: 1000001

 Types of Data

 Photo, Text, Music, Video, and so on

 Digital and Analog data

What is Communication? What makes it


Connection is the technique of exchanging data.

 Process of communication:

 Verbal

 Non Verbal(body language)

 Written Form

 Electronic process

 Example of Conversation Techniques:

 Pigeon, Post, telephone, telegraph, mails, networks.

 Cellular network, a radio station, VOIP.

Methods of conversation.

Face to face.

Sending Signals.

Created word




Data Conversation System



 Computer

 Radio

 Mobile

 Any DTE

Transducer Example…


• Sound to Audio Signal


• key press to binary.


• Convert Temperature, Pressure, collection and so on to

electrical signs.


 Consists of brake lines to make the insight data indicators to a

transmittable form.

Communication Media

Electrical conductors

Optic Media

• Carry tone signal from microphone to headset. Ex lover:

Coaxial Cable television for TV SET Signals.

• Twisted match for LAN.

• Fiber optic wire or lumination pipe which carries concept on light wave.

• Information can be converted to digital form may be used to make lazer diode ON and OFF.

Free Space(Wireless


• Applied in one point to an additional. It uses

electromagnetic spectrum.

Various other media

• SONAR ( Water as being a medium).

• Earth as a medium in electrical signal.

Communication Systems


 Sound is arbitrary, undesirable electric energy that enters the communication system via the conversing medium.

 Does not carry any which means to the program.

 Distorts the sent signals.

 Example:

 Telephone conversation

 Car radio

Types of Communication

Info and Signs

 Analog data

 Takes on constant values. Ex girlfriend or boyfriend. Voice or perhaps video

 Digital info

 Takes on discrete beliefs. Ex. Text message and integers

 Analog Signal

 Continuously various voltage amounts representing data

carried on the variety of channel

 Digital Signal

 Sequence of voltage signal representing data transmitted on the wire method. Voltage levels are predetermined and


Analog Connection

 Constant valued data over continuous time.

 Can take unlimited no of values.

 Data can be sent since signals of continuous electromagnetic wave.  Used in hopes of transmitting info across a network.

 Prone to EMI and mistakes more.

 Analog technology records waveforms as they are.

 All analog signals happen to be represented by utilizing sinusoidal


 Case: Voice, Online video, Real time data

Digital Conversation

 Discrete valued data over time.

 Predefined voltage levels – M ary communication

 Less vulnerable to noise....

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